It occurred to me some time ago that many social media sites have the sole intention of stripping reality away from us by creating an alternative, digital reality that we can connect to, or tune-out, at our leisure. Oftentimes, but certainly not always, creativity is lost in this process of interaction with digital realism, leaving us in a drooling state as we constantly peruse the lives of others through the looking glass of the internet; nothing to offer, nothing but time. I wondered to myself, "What if the only form of social media we had was a creative space? A place where only those who care to internalize our deepest sentiments can come and see what our minds are up to..."
Everything you see in front of you is simply taken on an iPhone 4, and edited on the same device - if there's any editing at all.


Some thoughts to build a context:

I just got back from a beautiful Celebration of Life in Minnesota for my dearly departed Grandfather, Roger. The combination of Midwestern family support (I met about 100 people I never even knew existed, let alone shared some estranged blood line with me), good food, and the beautiful scenery definitely cheered the spirits and warmed the heart. He was an educator his whole life, like most of my family, so I guess you can say I re-inherited the "Teacher Bug" this weekend as I spoke with many of his former co-workers. Apparently he got to meet the President some years ago when his school received an Excellence Award. I won't let you down, Gramps.

Walking to my classroom this morning, my first thought was, the smell of Fall is in the air. The leaves are getting ready to turn colors previously uncaptured by Crayola; the grey is coming back; I suddenly have a huge craving for warm, soft meals. I need to get to the gym.

I love wearing Fall clothes. It's warm enough that I don't need a down parka; it's cold enough to throw on chunky wool sweaters and layer up. I just picked up my first pair of flannel-lined pants. I am in Heaven.

My weekends have been too busy lately. I have been missing my friends and family. Believe me: when things slow down, get ready for some fun.